Hello world!

Hi there 🙂I’m Archana Gupta. Im an Indian currently residing in the US. I’m a full time mom..a part time teacher & an active member of International Sathya Sai Organization- USA which works towards the welfare of humanity.


Welcome to my little world of inspiration. My aim is to spread positivity. This blog is an attempt to promote health and happiness and is mainly based on my ideas, research & experiences.Here...you’ll find a wealth of information about meditation, yoga and nutrition, art of living, law of attraction, gratitude,happiness 24/7, stress management, time management, anger management, overcoming loneliness, parenting techniques,building strong relationships, handling narcissistic behavior, turning disappointment and failure into success, coping with the death of a loved one, combating depression, emergency preparation and much more.


Please feel free to share your comments &/or experiences regarding the same in the comments section below.